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Thank you for your feedback!

"Bought the salted caramel chocolate tart for my brother's birthday. We love the taste of the tart. It's well balanced out, the slight bitterness from the chocolate layer with the salty and sweet taste from the salted caramel to the crunchy texture of the topping and the cereal and hazelnut base. And being able to separately pack the toppings helped to add a hands-on step before eating the tart. This not only improved the experience of eating the cake, but also the texture of the toppings to be crunchier."
- WL. Lee

"hi! It was great!! Everyone loved the burger sliders!! and the delivery was punctual too :)"
- H. Yu

"The burnt cheesecake is awesome ! We love it all the times."
- R. Leong

"Oh man the burnt cheesecake was a huge hit! The texture and flavors were on point. Our friend who disklikes cheesecake even enjoyed it. Thank you for making a happier memory for us 😊"
- S. Shin

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